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Hi, I'd like to reintroduce myself. My name is Cassi. It's actually Casadie and actually that's my middle name. I think over the last year I've done a lot of self discovery and sometimes we forget details about our friends so let me tell you about me in regards to two subjects: friendship and cosplay. If you saw the tweet, this is the "PSA because apparently this isn't obvious: COSPLAY WAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN FRIENDSHIP TO ME. Musical sequence and LJ post to come complete with cuts, images and interactive investigative work into: I just happen to meet cosplayers"

If you follow my twitter you know by now I love my friends. I say it a lot because I do. I know some really amazing people and am honored to spend time with them and get to know them even better. I really cherish everyone I call a friend even when we’re not seeing eye to eye. It takes a lot and a long time for me to no longer consider someone my friend.

A lot of you know I was homeschooled growing up. All in all, I didn’t have many friends. Not that I was lonely, just had a small friends group revolving around a few people here in Jersey like Hannah, Alex, Jessica and Cary and then when I was older my friends were mostly further north in MA or CT thanks to Heifer and Hulbert (home school camps I went to). But still, I always had a few close friends and a lot of other friends that I didn’t see as much, but there were only a few that I regularly kept in contact with and made an effort to see.

As I grew up, I usually had a small close knit friends group that was always there for each other and even when I moved countries or friends moved, we didn’t talk as much but it was the same the second we saw each other again. I am very used to having a low maintenance group of friends that I can go months without talking to but still know they are there for me when I need them, and they know I am for them. During college it was much the same, small group of close friends I would just round up to make sushi on occasion and IM while I was back in the states on break, never worrying if our friendship would change because we hadn’t spoken.

Now I have more friends than I am used to in one area, and I’m honestly a lazy bum who sometimes can’t keep up with you all as much as I would like. I haven’t had time to be online much to keep in touch with friends who aren’t in the area. I feel really awful about this because I want to tell you all hoe much I love you, check in with you, hear about your day and make sure you’re happy.

I assume you know me. If you know me, you most likely know who I mean by "the love of my life" or "my twin". These three (okay, four, but Indy doesn't count really) have between all of them cosplayed twice. I've jokingly wanted them to cosplay with me, but it’s not something of huge interest for them, so that’s okay and we haven’t. And you know what? They’re still in my heart some of the most important people in my life and that’s never going to change.

I like cosplaying with friends. I like working on things, brain storming, learning from each other, helping each other and getting excited. It’s really wonderful. But it’s not everything. I want to hang out with you because you’re you. I don’t care if our interests vary, as long as you’re willing to learn about mine and teach me about yours and we include each other in what we do in our lives. That’s what friends do. I have never had an interest in contra, I can’t dance well, but friends took me because that is what they love and I had the BEST time as everyone is so happy and motivated to be there and also cool with teaching or sitting down and just chatting when I can’t keep up.

Cosplay is a hobby. It gives me time with friends, I learn new skills (sewing, prop work, makeup, styling, photography…), I travel with it, and I make most of my new friends through it. But it’s just a hobby. It’s not the main reason why I stay friends with any of you. Yes, it gives me dokis when I get to cosplay characters I love with gorgeous people but that’s just the topping on the cake. I get to take photos with people I cherish and work with those I admire and have gorgeous final products to show the world how amazing these people in my life are. We just happen to also be cosplaying something I ship. I’m going to feel the same way showing off cosplay photos as I will showing off photos from trips of “look what cool things I did with cool people”.

TL;DR: If you’re my friend, I care about you. I wish I had more time to spend with each and every one of you. I like cosplay. What do you like? Let’s do that together. I’m a Mama Duck at heart. I want to gather you all in my nest and keep you close.

This is public. Comments are screened. Let's talk, let's be better friends, let's work on this.

It's that time of year again

It's a bit of a tradition for me to make a Yom Kippur post. For those who haven't checked in for this before, the period between Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur (the Jewish new year and day of atonement) are spent asking for forgiveness and forgiving.

This past year (lunar year that is) has been a roller coaster. I sincerely apologize for anything I have done to hurt or offend. For everything I have been hurt by, I've probably already forgiven and forgotten, but if I haven't, I do now.

If there is anything you want to talk about, wether I offended you or you felt badly about something towards me, please feel free to leave a message, anon or not, and let's work it out and begin a sweet new year.

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Sales post : Dolls :

Posting here first as I can't remember my DoA log-in haha.

Selling my Dolls and all my doll "stuff". As gorgeous as my dolls are (Thanks to Marissa's amazing skills) I haven't had them out in MONTHS, and I have plenty of humans to photograph and sew for haha.

☆ Feedback for myself can be found on my selling journal here

I have an SID Felix (Iplehouse) and a Limhwa Half Elf. Most items will fit one of them. I don't know about other dolls.

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Oct. 26th, 2011

  • LOVE Statue thing
  • Rockafeller Center
  • Top of the Rock
  • Broadway / Times Square
  • Broadway show
  • Central Park
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Central Park Statues: Balto, Hans Christian Anderson, Alice in Wonderland
  • Grand Central
  • FAO Schwartz
  • MOMA
  • Met
  • AMNH
  • Guggenhiem
  • Korea Town
  • Empire State Building
  • Flushing Meadow Park with the World Fair thing
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Ellis Island
  • China town
  • Little Italy
  • Soho
  • Bryant Park Ice Skating
  • The NY Public Library
  • Union Square
  • St. Mark's Place
  • Lincoln center
  • Aquarium / Coney Island
  • Capital Building
  • Food: Pizza, bagels, Hot dogs, Chinese food

Other Places not NYC:
  • Boston (That Paul guy! History! Harvard! IDK, ALL I'VE DONE IN BOSTON IS DRINK!)
  • Washington DC (Smithsonian w/National Art Gallery! White House! Washington monument! Zoo?)

A million thanks to Vick and Julie for all the suggestions, PLEASE ADD MORE GUYS :D

Oct. 6th, 2011

Crazy inspirational ideas hit you at the most inconvenient times. This may also be the cray cray "con is in a week" talking.

I want to make a huge group of Assassin's creed Multiplayer characters, no duplicates, and play Multiplayer ourselves. This actually might happen depending as I have a huge love for these costumes and making them. The more I work on Maria the more excited I get and I'm looking forward to working on Leonardo again and before long adding to him~ ♥ Of course there is always the issue of time/money/organization but if anyone is interested in joining this venture eventually, feel free to claim a character and jump in! As long as no one cares about deadlines (We'll push back until we are ready!), can pay for all their own materials, can pull their own weight (being entertaining and making sandwiches is very necessary), and doesn't mind learning something new and wants to work together I would love making these with other people.

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Selling a ton of cosplay :D

Living in a small apartment means little space for cosplay!

Here's a few FAQs:
☆ Unless noted, all costumes are made by me.
☆ Unless noted, cosplays fit the following approximate measurements: 40, 32, 40. I am 5'3.
☆ All prices include shipping within the USA
☆ I will not ship outside the USA
☆ Prices listed are OBO
☆ Trades may or may not be accepted. I am looking for a few wigs, but no cosplay.
☆ Feel free to email me at if you have a question, I do respond to questions here though.
☆ Feedback for myself can be found on my selling journal here

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Holy Mountain of Fabric Batman!

As some of you know I am moving at the end of this month to Astoria NY from my childhood home across the river in NJ. Looking forward to it and slowly packing! One of my missions was getting my fabric sorted and packed. I have now 5 boxes of fabric… ;A; here’s what they are!

In progress cosplays:
★ DC comics / Stephanie Brown Robin
★ Avalon Code / Tia
★ Umineko / Natsuhi
★ Pokemon Black and White / Dent and Corn
★Sailor Moon / Minako Aino (artbook sunflower dress)
★Sailor Moon / Eternal Sailor Venus
★Sailor Moon / Sailor Venus (Concept Design)
★ Code Geass / Ashford Uniform
★ Sengoku Basara Gakuen / Oichi
★ Sengoku Basara / Nouhime (alternate blue / white version)

Cosplays I have all the fabric for or just about
☆ Utena the Movie / Duelist Utena
☆ Phoenix Wright / Mia
☆ Ga-Rei Zero / Yomi
☆ Perfect Blue / Rumi
☆ Harry Potter / Narcissa Malfoy
☆ Assassin’s creed / Courtesan (Gold, Pink or Blue hahah)

… Yeahhhhh… And then I have a lot of other fabric that isn’t good or useful for cosplay that I’m either making doll clothes or something out of… TBH there is some stuff I just don’t know how it got there or how long it has been there hahaha And now I have a whole other bag of fabric from Victoria... Thanks to Vick's awesomeness I am all ready to make a courtesan,

Already have a few cosplay plans for next year (updated my list!) ;v; Two are above, two I COULD use the above, but we’ll see what works!

I really wanted to make two costumes for NYCC but seeing that I'm not bothering with buying a badge, and might not even show up it would be a little silly www. I want to make Adventure Time's Ice Queen at some point though :D READ EVERYONE AWESOME GAY FANFICTION AND YELL AT PEOPLE FOR ICE BLOCKING. Maybe will finish up Robin... I didn't like how things were sitting, I think I'll give my wig a good wash and remake the dress, do the crest and see how I feel about it.

Plans thus far for the next year:

Utena and Anthy - Adolescence of Utena (For Didney Halloween :D)
Courtesan - Assassin's Creed (FOR WHENEVER SIREN GETS OUT HERE)
Narcissa Malfoy - Harry Potter (For the quidditch Cup!)
Robin IV - DC Comics (For NYCC!)
Oichi - Sengoku Basara 2 (For Ota / eventual senbasa times with Lauren <3)
Sailor Neptune - Sailor Moon (For Ota with the start of a gorgeous group of girls)

*v*)/ Narcissa is going to be a big green coat for winter / my birthday! Uwaaah can't wait~ ;v;)/ I really need to finish up started projects and use currently owned fabric... Should also be trying to sell my old costumes and wigs... got lazy...

lalala cosplayyyy

Jul. 9th, 2011

I haven't updated in a while and it's been longer still since I've written an actual non-ranting, non-laundry list entry.

Tuesday around midnight I got home from one of the best trips with some of the best people I know ♥ Julie, Dave, Mario and I all flew out to Cali for AX. Julie, Dave and I went to Disney, roomed with a new wonderful friend, hung out with Margie, made MORE wonderful friends, and just had a really great time. ;v; I was spoiled rotten between Disney, seeing the Princesses and going to see NKOTBSB and having such great company at all times who put up with me even when I was being unreasonably bitchy and put up with my photography dreams.

I'll write more in depth at some point, but until then Julie has documented our adventures and the photographic evidence is slowly being spammed on our shared trip tumblr.

I just want to roll around in happiness ;v;

what's left for AX

I left the grand list at home so writing this quickly:

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